How this Handbook will help you!:

Declutter Basics:

•Simple, concise steps on how to get started on the road to an organized home & office.

•Learn efficient and stress-free tips to creating freedom from STUFF

•Declutter attics and basements by ‘Rough Sorting’ first!

•By following these essential guidelines, procrastination will evolve into progress!

•Basic tips on what to do with all that paper!


Essential Downsizing Tips:

•Minimize that overwhelmed feeling when you contemplate a downsize move.

•Key tips on the downsizing process, from start to finish

•Learn to shift your mindset from “I’m losing my STUFF” to “I’m gaining freedom from my STUFF.”


How to Prep Your Home for Sale:

•Learn how to coordinate all the ‘moving parts’ to preparing & selling your home

•How do I sort, purge, store and stage all my ‘STUFF’

•What resources might I need to get my house SOLD?




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